A boutique, business law firm, Crespo Law Office is focused on providing premier quality legal solutions at an affordable cost to business clients. With an emphasis on assisting clients in the development and dissemination of their entertainment content into the marketplace, Crespo Law Office is multi-faceted and business-saavy in its approach to drive deals for its clients.

Crespo Law Office provides the following services: 

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Investor Agreements | Director Agreements | Writer Agreements | Script Coverage | Crew Deal Memos | Literary Option Agreements | Location Agreements and Crowd Releases | Life Story Rights | Distribution Agreements | Producer Agreements | Talent Agreements Union Signatory Production Registration and Compliance



Script Coverage | Pitch Packaging Services for scripted and unscripted content |Non-Disclosure Agreements | Talent Option Agreements | Development Agreements | Appearance | Participant Agreement for unscripted content | Network Agreements



Recording Agreements | Publishing Agreements | Synchronization and Mechanical Licensing | Artist Performance Agreements | Performing Rights Registration | Management Agreements | Distribution Agreements



Talent Agency State Business License Registration | SAG-AFTRA franchising of Talent Agencies | Talent Management Agreements


*To create budget-friendly legal services, Crespo Law Office also offers the following  bundled Entertainment Business Packages: Television Package; Film Production Package; and Music Management Package. Contact us for more information regarding these packages.